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"The presenter was great - very engaging, interesting and relaxed. I have come away [from the PD session] with loads of solid ideas to work on with my students."

Workshop participant

New Era Professional Learning & Development

Connecting, collaborating, leading

Today's learner lives in a highly connected, networked and participatory world full of opportunities and experiences never before imaginable. The ways in which we communicate, share and learn are constantly evolving, as is the supporting technology. Social networking, mobile technologies, web 3.0, blogging and gaming have all helped to revolutionize the way in which we learn and teach. Understanding and harnessing this revolution is important for all educators in order to create innovative, engaging, authentic and connected learning spaces. At New Era Professional Learning & Development we're here to help.

The New Era Professional Learning & Development team works with educators, individually and collectively, to meet professional development needs. We help educators understand the relevance of technology and where it can maximize learning opportunities. Our tailored professional learning solutions aim to build the capacity of educators to remain at the forefront of the latest developments and thinking in eLearning and contemporary pedagogies.

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Delivered by recognised education experts, New Era's eLearning Professional Development (PD) opportunities include:

School-based Tailored Professional Development

A specific professional development program customized to incorporate the school strategic plans and the professional learning needs of individual participants. 

Professional Learning Modules

Stay at the forefront of new developments in technology and pedagogical theories through our professional learning modules. 

Professional Development Workshops

Face to face and online learning programs focused on providing educators with the latest and most innovative thinking in the area of ICT and education to support learning, teaching and leading.

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Leadership Development

Leading learning through ICT

New Era PD works with Leadership Teams to develop digital pedagogies and learning environments relevant to all aspects of the school. Our New Era team supports the school in creating an ICT roadmap including: establishing eLearning teams; seamlessly infusing all areas of the curriculum with ICT; scaffolding professional learning programs to assist the ICT development of all staff; and budgeting for and building the correct infrastructure to enable all of this to happen.

Apple Education

New Era's Professional Development courses provide schools with a customised Professional Development path to integrating ICT into their teaching and learning through the use of Apple products.

Courses we offer:

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New Era Connected Learning Community

Join our community of connected educators to participate in exciting discussions, gain access to our video channel, receive regular updates and interact with our blog, hear and read the challenging ideas of leading educators from all over the world, and gain access to the free resources created by the New Era PD team.

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Software Services
Software integration and providing a single entry into knowledge management.


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"Hillcrest have been working with New Era learning management systems for some time now and they have been widely embraced by our staff for education delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending New Era to other schools."

Keith Francis, Principal
Hillcrest Christian College

New Era Software Services

Delivering through innovation

New Era Software Services combine smart technology with the experience gained over 30 years in the education sector to deliver best-practice ICT solutions that offer a powerful and personalised experience.

New Era were pioneers of managed software services and web-based applications 20 years ago, long before "the cloud" appeared. And our software solutions have always been designed with three objectives in mind: Easier not harder, less time not more, augment not replace. Today these objectives continue to drive the development of our solutions as we seek to simplify the user experience.

Our Portal-as-a-Platform concept provides the agility and flexibility required to achieve this without compromising on security. Through a standards-based approach, it delivers an open environment ideal for meeting the ever changing needs of our users.

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The LMS designed for Primary Schools

DB Primary is a safe, intuitive and friendly online environment designed to engage and educate the next generation of learners. 

  • Digital Literacy

    Dedicated key stage themes provide a progressive experience and allow children to acquire the knowledge and skills to become digitally literate.

  • School Communication

    Get your whole school sharing, collaborating and communicating. Use our intuitive communication tools to bring pupils, teachers, governors and parents together.

  • Primary Resources

    Our extensive resource bank includes interactive whiteboard tools, differentiated pupil activities, lesson plans, guidance and much more.

  • E-Safety Features

    Deliver critical e-safety concepts within a safe, closed online environment and prepare pupils for the digital world.

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Our analysis of trends in the deployment and use of learning software by education authorities, based on our global experience with education portals and virtual learning environments, led to us developing our Portal-as-a-Platform concept, back in 2009.

Leveraging an enterprise portal framework, New Era's portal solutions provide a state-of-the-art integration framework, supported by a unified provisioning and access management gateway.

The software framework, already being used by customers in Australia, is scalable, open and provides choice. At the same time, it ensures interoperability and extensibility to future-proof current software investments.

In essence, the Portal-as-a-Platform approach we have developed provides users with straightforward access to the tools and services they need, when they need them.

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Identity, Access and User Management

The proliferation in both the volume and complexity of tools and services delivered via the internet, particularly in the area of productivity and collaboration, pose significant challenges and create risks for all.

For individuals, gaining access to the tools they want without compromising personal information or personal security and without having to remember a multiplicity of logins, user names and passwords is the key challenge.

While for organisations, the ability to effectively manage content, set appropriate access and security controls, and be responsive to sudden demand are the big issues

New Era's identity, access and user management solutions have been designed, from the ground up, to address these issues. They take a modular approach that provides flexibility and choice. 

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Learning Management

Building and delivering well-designed learning activities that achieve positive learning outcomes for students are goals for all good teachers. New Era's education focussed software is designed to support teachers in achieving these goals.

We have been developing Learning Management Systems and Virtual Learning Environments since the late 1990's, so we understand that providing an easy-to-use tool set, an engaging interface and ways of sharing good practice are important. We also know that every teacher and every student will choose what works for them. That is why we develop bespoke tools, as well as enabling third party tools in our framework, giving students and teachers a choice.

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IT Services
Providing the infrastructure and services to support 21st century schools.


Home / IT Services

"Marryatville High School is extremely impressed with the New Era Infrastructure and Managed IT support solution offered to the school. The monitoring system is like having another Tech on the team. We are fixing problems even before customers notice them. Having the bonus of expert Network Engineering and Infrastructure support available makes the whole solution a winning combination for any school."

John Schuh, AP for IT Services
Marryatville High School

IT Services

IT's simple with New Era

At New Era we believe IT should enable better learning outcomes – not hinder them.

For more than 30 years, New Era has helped educators address the complex technical design, configuration and operation of university and school IT systems and infrastructure.

We have helped customers harness the power of information technology and at the same time avoided many of the pitfalls that have impacted other technology providers.

Designed specifically for education, New Era IT Services are focused on streamlining operational management and supporting next-generation learning platforms.

We help education communities operate more smoothly, optimise their IT investment and integrate IT and learning systems for better learning and operational outcomes.

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IT & Network Infrastructure

New Era understands that education today takes place in a digital environment, with students accessing vast amounts of information through school-based resources and over the internet. For learning to be seamless and consistent, the underlying infrastructure must be built with the current and future demands of both students and teachers in mind. And it must work, all the time.

New Era works with educators to understand learning requirements, then designs, optimises and where required, manages all aspects of computing infrastructure – from desktops to servers to network switches – to enable teachers, students and communities to interact seamlessly and securely and so achieve the best possible learning outcomes.


Virtualisation of applications, servers and desktops has allowed a greater freedom to deploy and manage technology resources in an education environment. Effective use of this technology can provide improved uptime, improve scalability and ease of service provisioning, and reduce power requirements.

New Era understands that while this technology can provide huge benefits, it can also be complex and costly to implement and manage. We work with schools to understand their specific requirements and tailor a solution that fits within budget, increases flexibility and improves student experiences.

Managed Services

At New Era, we understand that ICT services are critical to learning and that any interruption will impact students and teachers immediately. We also know that it can be hard to resource and support a demanding, growing and increasing complex ICT environment.

For these reasons New Era has designed a suite of modular managed services, allowing us to manage a little or a lot, depending on your needs.

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BYOD (bring your own device)

The increasing variety of end user devices and the increasing cost of managing them, together with growing user demand for choice about which devices they use is raising the profile of BYOD in Australian learning environments.

New Era understands that providing increased access to work systems via personal devices and offering greater flexibility must be balanced with the need to ensure data and user security. We work with learning providers to design, install and optimise secure and efficient systems to support BYOD.

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 Communication technology now goes way beyond the telephone to encompass instant messaging, video conferencing and document collaboration services. New Era knows how to harness the power of these new tools in a learning environment, allowing students and teachers to collaborate with others across school, state and even national borders.

When these technologies are integrated into a holistic system, educators can expand the classroom, bringing in contributors from outside traditional channels to enhance the learning experience. New Era can help to design and integrate a solution specifically aimed at improving and enriching the delivery of curriculum topics.

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Cloud services are increasing in popularity in education, as the need for on-demand elastic service provisioning grows.

New Era can assist in navigating through the varied and often confusing cloud service offerings. Services can be integrated into more traditional service delivery models, to provide a seamless experience for students, while preserving the security and integrity of the educational environment.

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Case Studies

Eastern Regional Library Corp

“Thanks to New Era we achieved our goals with minimal disruption to our staff and public. We are confident New Era has provisioned us with an IT environment that is reliable, efficient and flexible enough to best meet our IT challenges.”

Margaret Hall, Corporate Manager

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St. Michael's Parish School PD

“The use of adding posts to blogs; themes; pages; making connections with the Bunjil community via the blog. I found all that fantastic and I have used the blog as the way to get the whole school learning.”

Teacher, Music and Drama

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Northern Health School

"The team at New Era have been very good in delivering what they promise. Their skills with Microsoft are impressive and they are always proactive with support."

Richard Winder, Principal

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