“We have been absolutely satisfied with all of New Era IT’s help. They give us exemplary service. For instance they worked extremely hard to complete their latest network upgrade during the school holidays so that we wouldn’t miss a minute of service. We would have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending their services to any school in New Zealand. We couldn’t have come so far, so fast without their exemplary support.”

Access Management and Authentication

SSO means different things to different people - single sign-on, same sign-on or single sign-off. However, the goal is always the same - to enable users to navigate freely within and across organisational boundaries to access relevant, supported applications and services.

New Era's standards-based, federated access management tools support SAML 2, Shibboleth and WS-Federation standards plus proprietary SSO protocols such as IBM Websphere Trust Association Interceptor (TAI), Microsoft Membership/Role Providers and others.

Multi-factor authentication is supported "out-of- the-box" for both hard and soft authentication using techniques which offer exceptional security, intuitive user interfaces and an affordable cost of ownership.