St. Michael's Parish School PD

“The use of adding posts to blogs; themes; pages; making connections with the Bunjil community via the blog. I found all that fantastic and I have used the blog as the way to get the whole school learning.”

Music and Drama - St. Michael's Parish School

The Challenge

St Michael’s objective was to improve the infrastructure of the ICT department and push towards an environment that allowed for complete access to all.

St Michael’s also recognised the need to develop their staff in contemporary learning and teaching that reflects the digital spaces where their students operate in. They needed to ensure an environment of connectivity, collaboration and networking with a global perspective, which would enable the students to become autonomous and connected learners.

Our Solution

St Michaels and New Era worked using The Job Embedded Professional Development Model. St Michael’s ICT vision statement was devised, which was shared with all stakeholders within the school. St Michael’s chose whole school blogging, a scaffolded program was instilled and included connected class blogs, teacher blogs and Student Drive Passion based blogs. New Era also worked with a focus group of teachers training them in the use of Web 2.0 connectivity tools such as Google, video conferencing, wikis, apps and discussion boards to collectively empower their knowledge in Digital Pedagogies and create an environment that encouraged connected, self-directed student learning.