"The team at New Era have been very good in delivering what they promise. Their skills with Microsoft are impressive and they are always proactive with support."


New Era knows how to harness the power of the latest collaboration toolset in a learning environment, allowing students and teachers to collaborate with others across school, state and even national borders. From Voice over IP phone systems to the latest Voice and Video technologies to enable collaboration, New Era is ready enhance your communication experience.

Collaboration Services

In today's connected classroom, students need the ability to work on the same documents in real time across the class and the campus. New Era can help schools design, implement and manage an environment that fosters collaboration safely and securely, to enable peers to interact and collaborate simply and effectively.


Voice services are no longer limited to the telephone. Now a suite of integrated communication services are available that allow students and teachers to talk in real time, record and share conversations via computers and smartphones, and share applications, videos and messages.

New Era can work with educators to design an integrated solution that fits within budget and meets the requirements of the environment.


Once the domain of high-end corporate users, video services for one-to-one or one-to-many communications now provide greater flexibility for educators in delivering content to students. Without geographical boundaries, educators and communities can now create a classroom wherever an internet connection is available.

New Era can design, implement and, where required, manage an integrated video solution to allow educators the freedom to deliver their message to students at any time, from anywhere.


Students today are accustomed to instant messaging as a convenient and effective communication tool. New Era can assist by bringing this technology into the classroom and integrating it into a suite of communication tools.