“Our involvement in this innovative program has provided direction for digital learning and an impetus to continue to explore a range of platforms and options to further develop our capacity as effective users of digital technology.”

End-to-End Learning Services

The passion to make a difference

At New Era we never stop learning. It’s what drives us to innovate and shapes our passion for ideas.

You could say we’re young at heart – open, curious and promoting new approaches and alternative forms of learning. It’s this spirit that led New Era to move beyond traditional education technology services to build our business based on collaboration and partnership.

We recognise that learning outcomes are shaped by the development of effective teaching and learning practices supported by appropriate ICT solutions.

New Era’s understanding of education is built on our close and long-standing relationships with large education networks, universities, schools and educators.

These relationships enable our team to deliver targeted solutions across our three divisions of IT Services, Software Services and Professional Learning and Development. Together, they empower schools to operate more effectively and efficiently in a time poor environment.

In short, we’re helping to improve the way Australians learn.