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Gaming in Education

What is the course about?

Game-based learning refers to the integration of games or gaming mechanics into educational experiences. Over the past decade this has become one of the key topics of ICT as games have increasingly proven to be effective learning tools, beneficial to cognitive development and the fostering of life skills among learners including collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Gaming in learning and teaching can be as diverse as using simple games on the iPads to teach numeracy through to serious games, such as Civilisation, to teach a term's unit of work, through to using MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Games). Gaming enables strong experiential learning making it an extremely effective learning and teaching tool – players can simulate real world experiences relevant to their lives.

This course is designed to introduce participants to a number of ways to integrate gaming into curriculum planning as a one off unit of work, a term long approach or to introduce gaming at a whole school level to support teaching and learning across all curriculum areas. Participants in the course will explore Game Making and be given the opportunity to design a game of their own.

The course will also cover a number of the theoretical approaches behind contemporary learning and cover a number of virtual pedagogies relevant to contemporary learning and teaching.

Who is the course designed for?

School leadership, curriculum leaders, eLearning leaders and classroom teachers

The learning outcomes

By the completion of the course participants should have a deep understanding of:

  • virtual technologies and how they relate to learning and teaching;
  • the platforms and games available and how they can be best utilised in a schooling environment;
  • how to integrate a serious game into a curriculum area e.g. Using Sim City to teach Civics and Government;
  • using a Massive Multi-player Online Game (MMOG) such as Minecraft to teach student centred learning, collaboration, creativity and innovation;
  • the use of games to assist in the teaching of numeracy and literacy;
  • designing and planning a unit of work centred on gaming;
  • the use of games to address student centred learning;
  • how to use Game Making as a tool in your curriculum

What is the course structure?

This course is equivalent to approximately 4 workshop days and involves a combination of face-to-face and online learning. The first and final days of the course are face-to-face workshops. The online component of the course will constitute approximately 2 days of professional learning and interaction, supported by online contact with the presenter.
Editure is happy to work with individual schools to adapt the structure of the course.

What will I have to do?

Read the required reading
Attend all workshop days
Implement a school based project centred on gaming
Contribute to and share learning
Contribute to a final day presentation