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Identity Management

New Era's Identity and Access Management suite includes Idaptive Identity Manager - an open-standards contextual identity foundation framework. It has been designed specifically to map the complex relationships found in large-scale identity communities such as health, education, government and telecommunications.

Idaptive Identity Manager is the only offering in the market built from the ground up to manage contextual identities in a flexible, secure and auditable way.

It enables enterprises to flexibly model their digital identity entities such as users, communities, business parties, accounts, entitlements and roles. The complex end-to-end identity lifecycle requirements of the most demanding large enterprise or government are simplified and manageable using Idaptive.

Idaptive Identity Manager is based on industry standard relational database technology, allowing greater data integrity and performance than typical hybrid LDAP-SQL solutions. It is fast, secure and scales to millions of identities with ease.

Key Benefits

  • Easily maps complex relationships found in large scale identity communities
  • Enables consolidation of identity silos to yield richer, fuller user profiles & streamline IT processes
  • Platform agnostic IAM suite which operates in and with multiple operating systems, application servers, directories and DB management systems
  • Flexible Role Based Access Control using extensible entitlements that can model any virtual or physical resource
  • Advanced IAM architecture which permits automated identity lifecycle management and management of millions of identities