Bring Your Own Device FAQs

If you'd like a good read on BYOD backed up by research, try the Alberta Government BYOD Guide for Schools. You can read it here.

We have also added a few simple BYOD FAQ's below:

Q: Is it best to prescribe to students the type of device or allow anything to be bought to the school?

A:  This is very dependent on how the school wishes the devices to be used. If they are critical for learning then a single prescribed device is advantageous, it will ensure all students can work in the same way and access the same material with ease, if the devices are to augment existing learning by being predominantly a research tool then most modern tablets or laptops will fulfil that role.

Q: What are the typical knock on effects of introducing BYOD to my school?

A: Broadband usage will go up exponentially. At a large school you will potentially have another 1500 BYOD devices needing to access the internet / cloud / downloading updates. A flat rate high speed Ultrafast Broadband connection is a must.

A: Firewall and web content filtering will need to be considered. New Fibre UFB connections are fast and large amounts of BYOD devices accessing the internet will require a powerful firewall that can handle all that traffic, while tracking and reporting on usage.

A: Power, although lots of devices can run easily for 8 hours, will all your students remember to charge their device? – plan for having plenty of power points.

A: Physical Security, most devices are worth over $500, consider where students can safely store these at interval or during P.E.

Q: Once BYOD is up and running we will need very few school owned devices for students, right?

A: Incorrect, computers running high end software will still be required, and as good as tablet devices are, the usability of keyboards and mice should not be forgotten. Lastly equity issues need to be considered, will all your students’ parents be able to afford BYOD devices?