“Our involvement in this innovative program has provided direction for digital learning and an impetus to continue to explore a range of platforms and options to further develop our capacity as effective users of digital technology.”

K12 Learning

Education Portal includes a range of bespoke learning tools designed specifically for the K12 environment, as well as integrated versions of proven third party tools and services that support learning and teaching. These include:

Assignment Dropbox

Editure's Assignment Dropbox allows teachers to set assignments, review students' submissions and provide feedback on their work. Students can use Assignment Dropbox to view and manage their pending assignments and submit their work.

Conference Room

Conference Room allows members of a class or community to participate in video conferencing, whiteboard and desktop sharing and real-time chat via OpenMeetings.

Learning Activities

The Learning Activities tool is a fully integrated custom version of the award winning learning design and activity management system, LAMS. LAMS is a tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities.