“Introducing change to an environment can be a challenge. Introducing change in the IT culture and pedagogy in a school is often faced with significant hurdles. New Era IT have assisted us right from the start with initial consultation, forward planning and providing a sounding board for ideas and problems.”

New Era Professional Learning & Development

Connecting, collaborating, leading

Today's learner lives in a highly connected, networked and participatory world full of opportunities and experiences never before imaginable. The ways in which we communicate, share and learn are constantly evolving, as is the supporting technology. Social networking, mobile technologies, web 3.0, blogging and gaming have all helped to revolutionize the way in which we learn and teach. Understanding and harnessing this revolution is important for all educators in order to create innovative, engaging, authentic and connected learning spaces. At New Era Professional Learning & Development we're here to help.

The New Era Professional Learning & Development team works with educators, individually and collectively, to meet professional development needs. We help educators understand the relevance of technology and where it can maximize learning opportunities. Our tailored professional learning solutions aim to build the capacity of educators to remain at the forefront of the latest developments and thinking in eLearning and contemporary pedagogies.

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