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Our analysis of trends in the deployment and use of learning software by education authorities, based on our global experience with education portals and virtual learning environments, led to us developing our Portal-as-a-Platform concept, back in 2009.

Leveraging an enterprise portal framework, New Era's portal solutions provide a state-of-the-art integration framework, supported by a unified provisioning and access management gateway.

The software framework, already being used by customers in Australia, is scalable, open and provides choice. At the same time, it ensures interoperability and extensibility to future-proof current software investments.

In essence, the Portal-as-a-Platform approach we have developed provides users with straightforward access to the tools and services they need, when they need them.

Education Portal

Education Portal is an easy to use and visually engaging online learning portal designed specifically for schools. This innovative software supports classroom teaching practices by acting as the gateway to all web-based learning activities within a school. Spaces for personal, class, community and school-wide content are provided, together with a suite of learning, collaboration and publishing tools. Education Portal can also be integrated with a range of third-party systems and applications.

Functionality is delivered through tools called portlets which are easy to add, modify and reposition in class, community or personal learning spaces. The availability of portlets can be configured at the system, school or user level, while access to the content within portlets is based on user roles and permissions.

Classes and communities provide flexible and extensible learning spaces that foster collaboration and communication between members.

Education portal provides all members of the school community with a holistic view of their activities and allows them to engage directly, collaboratively and appropriately to achieve the desired education outcomes for students.

Communication and collaboration tools

An extensive range of communication and collaboration tools are available for the exclusive use of each class or community including:

  • Blogs
  • Calendar
  • Message Boards
  • Wiki

Learning tools

Education Portal includes a number of bespoke learning tools, designed specifically for the K12 environment including:

  • Assignment Dropbox
  • Conference Room
  • Learning Activities

Publication tools

Education Portal supports numerous content types and publication formats. Content created by users – including web content, images and movies - can be uploaded to class, community or school repositories. Content in a repository can be made searchable and accessible to other users Both user-generated and external content can be published to class, community and personal spaces by simply adding the appropriate display portlet to a page. Available display portlets include:

  • Documents and Media
  • Google Maps
  • RSS
  • Vimeo
  • Web Content
  • YouTube

Case Study

Learn more about how our learning management solutions are changing teaching and learning delivery at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College:

Participants in this video refer to Editure – the name under which New Era traded previously – and myPLS which was the forerunner of Education Portal.