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The modern learner and ICT - how the learning is changing

What is this course about?

Pedagogy - the art and science of teaching; the method and practice of teaching – an understanding of how humans learn best. This is what educators are interested in. What has ICT got to do with that? For too long ICT has been sold to us as an essential with little linking to why. How does it make us learn better? How does it relate to pedagogy?

When we talk about ICT we need to move beyond the tools. Education has never been about what pencils you have in your pencil case. It's about people – it's about understanding how we learn. So why talk about ICT at all?

The way people learn is fundamentally changing because of the digital world and as leaders and educators we need to be aware of these changes, and reshape our school environments to best facilitate and leverage new and emerging pedagogies. Through this course participants will explore ways to reshape curriculum, pedagogy and content management to connect with contemporary approaches to learning and teaching in the digital world.

Who is the course designed for?

School leadership, curriculum leaders, eLearning leaders and classroom teachers

The learning outcomes

By the completion of the course participants should have a deep understanding of:

  • contemporary learning theories and their relevance to your schooling space;
  • creating and participating effectively in online learning networks
  • repositioning your classroom or your school in areas such as quality control, critical consumption, internet and mobile usage
  • contemporary online publishing – how to do it and how to utilise it for learning and teaching;
  • how to encourage and facilitate deep level collaboration and communication from your students;
  • encouraging and facilitating personalised learning with your students

Participants will be involved in:

  • Imagining the new possibilities and roles teachers might play within this contemporary learning environment
  • An in-depth investigation of contemporary concepts such as the ‘flipped classroom'
  • Investigating the existing school ICT infrastructure and exploring potential new infrastructure that can best be utilised to add value within the context of learning and teaching

What is the course structure?

This course is equivalent to approximately 4 workshop days and involves a combination of face-to-face and online learning. The first and final days of the course are face-to-face workshops. The online component of the course will constitute approximately 2 days of professional learning and interaction, supported by online contact with the presenter.
Editure is happy to work with individual schools to adapt the structure of the course.

What is required of me?

Attend all workshop days.
Collectively we will be designing and implementing learning project within your school.
Contribute to and share learning
Contribute to a final day presentation