“Our involvement in this innovative program has provided direction for digital learning and an impetus to continue to explore a range of platforms and options to further develop our capacity as effective users of digital technology.”

Developing Curriculum Through Whole School Blogging

What is this course about?

A blog is an online platform that allows you to publish regular content to the Internet and connect with others.

A whole school approach to blogging provides many ways to use the platform depending on the purpose of the blog owner. This course demonstrates how to successfully scaffold a blogging program over the entire school and how to integrate blogging seamlessly into all curriculum areas using the case study of Fitzroy North Primary school.

Developing Curriculum through whole school Blogging expounds blogging from the following perspectives:

  • Structural – whole school blogging - how it links to the ICT priorities of the school, and how it supports teaching of all curriculum areas
  • Classroom – a teacher's use of the class blog to communicate, model and connect
  • Students – Blogs provide a secure platform for students to publish work; connect to a global network of people interested in similar topic; publish to an authentic audience and to develop a voice relevant to the audience or network they are speaking to

Who is the course aimed at?

School leadership, curriculum leaders, eLearning leaders and classroom teachers

The Learning Outcomes

By the completion of the course participants should have a deep understanding of:

  • virtual pedagogies and how they relate to learning and teaching;
  • the mechanics of building and maintaining an effective blog e.g. uploading content including video and photos, managing comments, linking to other websites;
  • how to build a network around the blog;
  • the differences between a school blog, class blog and individual blog and the best way to utilise the strengths of each;
  • maximising the use blogs to support the teaching of numeracy and literacy;
  • the use of blogging as an effective reflection of learning;
  • the use blogs to connect with real audiences;
  • contemporary publishing and how it relates to learning

The Course Structure

This course is equivalent to approximately 4 workshop days and involves a combination of face-to-face and online learning. The first and final days of the course are face-to-face workshops. The online component of the course will constitute approximately 2 days of professional learning and interaction, supported by online contact with the presenter.
Editure is happy to work with individual schools to adapt the structure of the course.

What will I have to do?

Read the required reading Attend all workshop days.
Commit to building and maintaining a individual blog or class blog
Facilitate and develop a student blogging program.
Contribute to and share learning
Contribute to a final day presentation